Attention Marketers: Are You Ready To Build The Business Of Your Dreams Without The Massive Learning Curve Of Online Marketing?
From the desk of Justin Glover & Brenda Gagne...
Dear online marketer, 

If you're trying to generate leads and make sales online, but you're stuck and struggling to put all the pieces together... This will be the most important message you will read today!

First know this - you're not alone!  

We've been successfully marketing online for over 10 years now.  Yet, for the past 6 years we've been speaking and training on this EXACT scenerio...

"Helping struggling online marketers find the keys to build their successful business!"

We've made millions of dollars marketing online ourselves, and we've also helped other businesses grow to multi-millions of dollars... but now we're bringing back our focus to YOU!

We want to help anyone who has a desire to create their dream life by leveraging an online business... and that's exactly why we created "Maverick Monthly"!
What Is Maverick Monthly?
"Your Complete Online Training Portal To Help You Achieve Your Dreams!"
Maverick Monthly was designed to help you overcome the most common issues that hold people back:
  • Feeling overwhelmed at the amount of information you need to learn to get started
  • ​Realizing that you have no idea where to start even though you've spent HOURS learning and watching trainings
  • ​Wondering how to turn a conversation with a stranger online into a sale that earns you money
  • ​Buying the latest training product in hopes that this one will give you the secret you're missing
  • ​Feeling frustrated because the technical side is holding you back, and you have no one to answer your questions

  • Finally getting leads yet you have no idea how get them to buy your product or service
  • ​Wasting money on paid advertising once you FINALLY get it setup
  • ​Wondering if you really need a blog, or what social media sites are really worth your time
  • ​Feeling depressed because other people can figure this out and are having success... but you can't.
  • ​Knowing you are willing to work hard if someone could just give you the STEPS TO FOLLOW!
If You Can Relate To Any Of Those Issues Above... Realize That...
In this day and age, it's almost impossible to achieve success without personal coaching or having a mentor.  It's not enough to buy a system or training course and think you'll have everything you need to generate instant leads and sales online...  

The industry has changed a lot over the last 5 years, and you MUST have direct access to people who are achieving the results you want - using the strategies and theories that they teach!

Here's the Good News...
You're just ONE decision away from your entire business changing right now!
"... if you want to achieve a massive breakthrough in your business you need coaching and mentorship!" 
Brenda Gagne used to be a stay at home mom with 3 little girls.  She struggled in the beginning to earn money online.  She made the decision to invest her entire savings and found a mentor that changed the course of her life.  

Her girls are now teenagers and they have never known a world where their mom had a job, and money doesn't easily come from the computer.
Justin Glover used to work 3 jobs to make ends meet.  After he found the internet as a way to make money from home, he also struggled to make it work. 

One day at an event (where he slept in his car since he had no money for the hotel) he scrapped together his the last of his money to pay for a mentor and have one conversation that changed his life. 

He implemented the steps... and within the next 90 days he sold over $100,000!
Maverick Monthly is a "Members Only" community that gives you an inside look into how they build their 8 figure business on a weekly basis. 

You can watch right along as they go through their process and see what it takes to build an online business  in real time.  

It will also give you the hands on training, coaching, and mentorship you need, from people who have successfully built their own business  from scratch like you are.

... AND 
You are getting your information from people who are ACTIVELY marketing every day using the strategies they recommend.  You will never hear "theory" of what might work, or what worked 5 years ago! (A common occurrence in trainers these days)
Who Is This For?
Affiliate Marketers        Network Marketers          Entrepreneurs   
Home Based Business Owners       Online Marketers
What Do You Get When You Join Maverick Monthly?
1.) Your Complete Online Marketing Video Training Library
3 Phases For Success:
Plus Additional Bonuses:
1. Invisible Foundation Factors For Success:
The unspoken "soft skills" that are necessary to successfully incorporate your new business into your life. Includes accountability and lifestyle design concepts.

2. Marketing & Business Training:
Complete trainings covering the topics of Attraction Marketing, Direct Response Marketing, and Prospecting on Social Media. Includes special tech tutorials to help anyone overcome the technical side of the internet

3. Advanced Marketing Strategies:
Learn the necessary skills that will take you from an amateur marketer, to an advanced marketing ninja that generates leads and sales on demand.
1. Tech Tutorials:
Watch over Brenda's shoulder as she walks you through the step-by-step process of everything you need to be a successful marketer online.

   -Choosing and purchasing a business domain name and email
   -Setting up your autoresponder account for automatic lead follow up
   -How to properly set up your Facebook Page for compliance & lead user-ability
   -How to setup your website click by click using our private sharecode we give you!
   -How to craft an effective Facebook Ad and click by click instructions to get it approved.
   -How to read your Facebook ad reports and make effective changes for lower cost leads and more sales!

2. Specific Platform Marketing Trainings:
Video tutorials on how to create effective marketing on the following social media sites & platforms:
   - Youtube, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Solo Ads, Blogging

2.) 4 Live Webinar Trainings Every Month - (Held Every Tuesday)
Deep Dive Training Topics Will Include:
- Profit First 
- Clockwork (Systems)
- Goal Setting
- Vision Development (Questing Sessions)
- Habit / Belief Shifting Sessions 
- Automated Wealth Creation 
- Paid Advertising (FB, IG, YT)
- Content / Attraction Marketing
- Email Marketing
- Lead Magnet Creation & Critiques
- SLO Creation & Critiques
- Conversations (How to start & steer them)
- Continuity Programs

- Time Management & Productivity
- Affiliate Programs (Maximizing Others & Creating Your Own)
- Outsourcing
- Online Prospecting
- Copywriting
- Profit Maximizers
3.) 4 Live Planning & Accountability Sessions Every Month - (Held Every Sunday)
Learning the "How To" of online marketing is only half of the situation...  Learning how to effectively fit your daily and weekly tasks into your normal life... is the other half!

This second issue is one of the biggest reasons why people fail in their entrepreneurial endeavors.  
It's really great to work from home... but it's also VERY EASY TO NOT WORK FROM HOME! There are a lot of distractions in life that can easily get in the way of you accomplishing everything on your "to do" list... When no one is looking over your shoulder to make sure it gets done, this is downfall for many.

When you are a member of Maverick Monthly you can participate in Justin's weekly planning session for the upcoming week and see what tasks are given priority and when, and how they are implemented.  You will gain accountability for your own week as you follow along with the process.  

If you've ever struggled with completing tasks, this is a MUST ATTEND for you!
4. "Hot Seat" Marketing Critiques From Justin & Brenda
A major benefit of being a member is getting access to US!  This includes the ability to have your marketing critiqued for better results.

We will look over your marketing, and break it down for you.  You'll hear what looks great, what needs improvement, and then we'll give you specific recommendations on how to improve it based on our prior marketing results... Again NOT based on theory! 
You can have two 7-Figure earners inspect and analyze your marketing efforts with you... 

... and then pinpoint specifically what needs to be tweaked in order for you to have your big business breakthrough.

Areas for critique are: Landing pages, lead magnets, sales funnels, paid ads, blog posts, email follow ups, 
5.) Private Community With Extra Perks
Get personal help from us inside of our private community. Network with other aspiring entrepreneurs and marketers who are going through the same journey as you. Get your questions answered by US and other marketers in the community and enjoy the extra perks of being inside this exclusive group!
Take Action Today And Get Instant Access To Previous Weekly Training Webinars That Are Already Waiting For You In Your New Digital Library... 
(Only $1.55 A Day!)
We Want You Completely Happy With Your Purchase!
We're SO confident that you're going to LOVE everything that's inside of Maverick Monthly, that if you don't, we'll give you your money back!  You have 10 days to go through everything inside the video library, and attend our weekly trainings, and if you don't feel you're getting double what you paid for it, simple request a hassle free refund...  No questions asked!
We Look Forward To Helping You Create Your Freedom!
Brenda Gagne
Justin Glover